Wall Lamp Like This, The Home Installs The Grade Ten Times Higher

In household is the ornament of wall lamp is installed, make the finishing point of the pen, especially there is Ann droplight and TV setting wall, no wall lamp is no soul.

First of all, we see a didn’t put the TV setting wall of wall lamp.

TV setting wall

This is a Chinese style decorates a style, TV setting wall used marble, flipping gold line separates on both sides, what always feel empty a bit.

Yes, it is less wall lamp ornament, we take effect after the two wall lamp on the installation.

The effect with the wall lamp

Appearance is suddenly feel full, whole home outfit level and class suddenly increased by 10 times.

This is the charm of wall lamp, can lighting, more is to make the finishing point.

Wall lamp is the most common places there are five places, one is the TV setting wall, the second is the head of a bed, the third is outside the gate, four is sofa setting wall, five is the stairs.

Wall lamp generally have one head and two head models, we generally can choose according to the size, if the overall space can choose 2 of the head, the space is little, can choose a head.

1 head wall lamp

Points according to the material and can be divided into, wrought iron wall lamp, wall lamp, zinc alloy, copper wall lamp, wooden wall lamp and so on, all we commonly advocate the lamp to match wall lamp according to oneself, if the Lord is full copper chandelier lamp, wall lamp generally also with full copper quality, if we can use and advocate the lamp, the style is unified collocation of same money effect is best. Sitting room wall lamp we can choose the brighter light source, if it is a wall lamp can choose 5-7 w, 2 head bracket light a lamp holder can choose 5 w (2 head is 10 w).

The best use and advocate the lamp wall lamp

If not in the same space, such as bedroom the head of a bed, wall lamp, the bedroom we Ann is to absorb dome light or fan lights, you can choose according to bed or the modelling of setting wall of the head of a bed wall lamp to match, overall demand style is consistent, tonal collocation is good-looking. At the same time decorate with electrician do hydropower will say the location of the wall lamp embedded wire in advance.

Wall lamp of the head of a bed and a role is to do up the lamp in the evening or breast-feeding lamp, so we usually don’t need too bright light source, 3-5 w is almost enough.

Antlers wall lamp

The outdoor wall lamp, we notice it is not easy to choose dust and waterproof, because after all outdoor wind and rain.

Reality, actually use scenario is far more than more than a few wall lamp, now a lot of restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and other places to adorn with wall lamp is more beautiful.

The wall of dining room

And wall lamp in addition to the regular, there are all kinds of creative wall lamp, let’s take a look by yourself.

Log stent wall lamp, can put flowers

Pentagram wall lamp, used to ornament background

Crystal lamp, wall lamp, fashionable flavour is dye-in-the-wood

Long wall lamp

Flower wall lamp

Everyone inside the new home, the form of a wall lamp? Please leave out for the wall lamp of your home.

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